Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Preparation For Carrie's 3rd Birthday!

I am searching for a recipe for meimei's birthday cake. she wants a pinky cake! A strawberry cake is the closest one to her choice! Since not long ago, she desired to have a music box. i was shopping through all the shops in downtown 2 days ago, i could not find a classic music box ( a wooden box with glass top and a ballet girl popping out when you open up the box cover and a nice music start playing)!
I'm drafting a list of food menu for her big day.
1) A braised duck
2) Nyonya Prawn & pineapple curry
3) Sushi
4) Egg Fried Rice
5) Mee Siam
6) Korean Crispy Chicken
7) Caesar Salad
8) Cold Sea Coconut & Longan
9) Tempura

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