Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Parmesan Cheese Cake

Parmesan Cheese Cake

At first I thought water bathed the cheese cake & it would be soft and moist, aiya who know water seeping into the bottom layer! The bottom became solid and lumpy cake. Half of the cake went into trash bin, the other half....thank God my 2 kids loved it so much! It tastes really good even I sandwich it with a slice of whole meal bread..".roti cake"...yummy!

1) 3 eggs yolks, beaten
2) Add magerine 40g, fresh milk 75g,  mix well
3) Sift the low protein flour 70g, parmesan cheese 50g
Mix well all above ingrediants
4) eggs whites 120g, tartar powder ½ teaspoon, sugar 60g, hit till stiff
5) add 1/3 eggs white mixture  each time into the egg yolk & flour mixtures
6) pour the batter into 18cm mold (strictly no loose bottom cake tin), water-bath bake in 180C for 45-50mins

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