Thursday, December 8, 2011

Almond Canberries Cookies

I made these cookies for my friends from Hong Kong. I had planned some programs to welcome them to Singapore for the first time.

Two days ago I received a phone call from my sister informing me that my dad has been scheduled to have surgery on the same week my frined's visiting!

So, my plan to meet up my dear friend whom i have not met since 2001 was stalled. And I decided to make some cookies for her and make her feel my presence (when chewing my handmade cookies) hehe.....

This recipe is easy and the cookies are yummy! I love Anncoo's recipe and she always make her cakes and pastry nicely done up and healthy to eat without any "guilt" hee....


Singapore Laksa, Located At Golden Miles Food Centre, Beach Road


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Preparation For Carrie's 3rd Birthday!

I am searching for a recipe for meimei's birthday cake. she wants a pinky cake! A strawberry cake is the closest one to her choice! Since not long ago, she desired to have a music box. i was shopping through all the shops in downtown 2 days ago, i could not find a classic music box ( a wooden box with glass top and a ballet girl popping out when you open up the box cover and a nice music start playing)!
I'm drafting a list of food menu for her big day.
1) A braised duck
2) Nyonya Prawn & pineapple curry
3) Sushi
4) Egg Fried Rice
5) Mee Siam
6) Korean Crispy Chicken
7) Caesar Salad
8) Cold Sea Coconut & Longan
9) Tempura