Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Princess Castle Cake

3 pieces 8" square vanilla sponge cake
500ml non dairy whipping cream
Strawberry essence
Wilton Pink icing colour
5 ice cream cones
Some pink candy rice or sand
4 strawberry wafer biscuit
Few square white marshmallow
Few gummy candies

3 days project!
To me this cake is not as pretty as I expected but to please little children
Is fairly good enough!!!haha....

To assemble the cake is so far so good & done well! But put the cream coat over 3-tier cake was rather challenging! To put cream over a cake is only for public function bcos it looks nice & presentable ! In private celebration the frosting is not favoured in my house!

Thank God for a revelation how to make a box to contain my tall cake & transport it to the school ( a walking distance though)! It took me 3 pieces of gift wrapping paper & a 13" paper cake box ( cut & remove the top lid). Use the 2 wrapping papers wrapped & sealed the cake box vertically ( to unfold 2" length at the end of the wrapping paper outwardly & the paper be able straight & stand) 1 wrapping paper folded into a lid-' to fit the tall box now!" While making this box midnight, the IKEA paper box flashing through my mindHaha... To save trouble u may opt IKEA!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Cheese Cake

Recipe taken from Jane's corner
(She makes variety of cheese cake & look very good! Do Hop over)

Cheese cake with Nutella Topping!

(A) 200g Cream Cheese, 20g fine sugar
(B) 2 Yolks
(C) 25g low protein flour
(D) Whipping cream 100g
(E) 2 Whites,40g fine sugar

1.Preheat oven 160C with a tray of water ( water bath)
2.Line the bottom of 6" baking pan with paper.
3.Cream (A) until smooth. Add in (B) mixed well.
4.Add in (C) and mix until well blended.
5.Pour in (D) by batches and mix until well combined.
6.Whip Whites in (E) until foamy.
Add in sugar, whip until soft peak.
7.Gently fold 1/3 whites into yolk mixture until well-mixed.
8.Fold in the rest of whites. Mix well. Pour batter into baking pan. Place on top on water-bath.
9.Melt 10g of dark chocolate with 5g whipping cream. Paour chocolate mixture into a piping bag. Pipe lines on top of cake and use a toothpick to draw patten.
10.Bake in preheated oven for 60 minutes. Remove cake from oven and allowed to cool completely. Place cake in the fridge for 4 hours to chill. 11.Remove the cheesecake from the pan. Cut into slices and serve.

2 tablespoon Nutella
2 teaspoon whipping cream
Mix well & spoon into piping bag & pipe it in the top of cake!