Friday, June 22, 2012

Cinnamon Rolls

The other day I bumped into a friend & come to know she had just quitted her job and be full time homemaker ( home tutor too!) as her elder girl is going to enter primary school next year! I am very admired her courage & determination that she sacrifices her career for her children & family! I got the same " plan" but it didn't work out bcos I was / am worried .... Haha...$ not enough? Insecure without a job? Too young to be full timer mom? Patience to do all houseworks?
I can feel her joy being a full time homemaker..... So I still work it out my part to be a full time staying home mum in near future....
Let have something new that I have not tried before....cinnamon rolls... To encourage myself!

A) Water Roux:
50g Bread Flour75g boiling water, use a spoon stir & mix well until forming a soft dough ball, wrap it with wrapping bag/ plastic and keep it in the fridge overnight.

B) Bread Dough:
7g Active Dry East, 240g Bread Flour, 60g Plain Flour, 60g Sugar, 2g Salt,
1 Egg

*40g Butter

Filling: 30gBrwon Sugar, 1Tbsp Cinnamon powder, 100g Raisin ( you may increase or reduce the filling amount is based personal favourite)

Topping: Egg yolk+1tsp spoon milk, almonds flakes

Icing sugar Syrup: 40g Icing sugar, 2tsp maple syrup,  1Tbsp warm water


  1. Put A and B into the mixer, at low speed mix it well till it forms a dough (about 3mins) continue to knead at medium speed (about 3 mins).
  2. Until the dough has become smooth and shine in surface, add in *butter, at low speed mix it and turn to medium speed continue kneading till the dough has no stick to fingers and reached thin membrane when you stretch-pull it.
  3. shape the dough into ball and put it into a big container with well greased and let it proof it for 45mins or till double it size.
  4. after proofing, punch down the dough, divide it into 4 portion equally.
  5. take one portion and roll it into long oval shape, brush a layer of water, spread the cinnamon+brown sugar mixture on the it, follow by raisins
  6. Roll up to downward till the end, seal the end well
  7. Cut the roll into two with sharp knife, slightly press down the roll and put them into  the greased 8" round baking tin.
  8. repeat the same for the other 3 portion of dough, and you will have 8 cinnamon rolls lined beautifully in the baking tin.
  9. Let have last proofing for about 40 mins, brush with the egg+milk wash, spinkle some almonds flakes, bake at 180C for 20mins.
  10. Remove from oven, slowly spread the icing sugar+maple syrup on the swirling line of the rolls.
Note: Don't pour all the icing sugar syrup at once if you don't like to have very sweet rolls.

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