Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Princess Castle Cake

3 pieces 8" square vanilla sponge cake
500ml non dairy whipping cream
Strawberry essence
Wilton Pink icing colour
5 ice cream cones
Some pink candy rice or sand
4 strawberry wafer biscuit
Few square white marshmallow
Few gummy candies

3 days project!
To me this cake is not as pretty as I expected but to please little children
Is fairly good enough!!!haha....

To assemble the cake is so far so good & done well! But put the cream coat over 3-tier cake was rather challenging! To put cream over a cake is only for public function bcos it looks nice & presentable ! In private celebration the frosting is not favoured in my house!

Thank God for a revelation how to make a box to contain my tall cake & transport it to the school ( a walking distance though)! It took me 3 pieces of gift wrapping paper & a 13" paper cake box ( cut & remove the top lid). Use the 2 wrapping papers wrapped & sealed the cake box vertically ( to unfold 2" length at the end of the wrapping paper outwardly & the paper be able straight & stand) 1 wrapping paper folded into a lid-' to fit the tall box now!" While making this box midnight, the IKEA paper box flashing through my mindHaha... To save trouble u may opt IKEA!!!


  1. hello。。。happy birthday girl~

    So great! The castle cake look very nice!

  2. sorry for my late visit. Wow, you did it so well, lovely castle cake.

  3. Hi Yee, just like to stop by here to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.